brhoy photography

Pacific NW photographer

I'm Brooke Hoyer, a photographer with a day job. I've been taking pictures since I was 7 years old when I borrowed my father's Kodak Instamatic to immortalize my plastic dinosaurs in dramatic pose. I regret to this day that there was no film in the camera. After seriously considering getting a BFA in photography, I chickened out and drifted away from photography.

I've been a rock climber and a bike racer but in 2012 I suffered my second stroke which put an end to my rather physically demanding pastimes. I am the kind of person who needs a challenge so I rediscovered photography.

I love the outdoors and I am fascinated by people. Consequently I shoot a lot of landscapes and a lot of street. I use landscape photography as an excuse to get out in the world, especially with my kids, and enjoy the many wonders of our Earth. Street photography allows me to observe and comment on the myriad interesting people who surround us and with whom we interact every day.

Gallery Mechanics

The portfolio page contains my best work and is relatively static -- with images infrequently being added or removed. The other three galleries will rotate on a bi-weekly basis. There will always be two themed galleries and one containing new work. Each gallery will contain eight images. The themed galleries might contain some portfolio photos I will pick most of them from other interesting works.

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